Going Wheatless!


I have been trying to gradually eleminate my wheat intake ,though it’s not easy 0: plus the fact that I Loooove baking.
It all started when I purchased Wiliam Davis’ book Wheat Belly.  I realized I have been so awful to my body , though I did not mean it.

I’ve been doing lots of research to learn how I can keep up baking my favorite recipes without being so cruel to my body using modern wheat.

So far I’ve  discovered that, luckily there are still ancient species of wheat ,like Einkorn ,Emmer ,Kamut and spelt;that are not genetically modified as modern wheat.

I was able to find Kamut and Spelt in Montreal , thanks to SOTSIL, a bloger who referred to some places that sell these types of flour ,but these kinds of flour are really expensive.
Then I discovered a farm located in Saskatchewan,Prime Grains; they sell Einkorn flour,Einkorn seeds and Ethiopian barley that  are ancient landrace varieties.. Of course, it is expensive relatively ,but it is kind of affordable; if one  considers eliminating what we pay constantly for junk food and take outs!
I am waiting for the einkorn flour to arrive by the end of this week. I can’t wait to start trying my favorite recipes with it.

Meanwhile, I have 2 kilos of spelt ,which I’ll start using to make my first clean bread loaf.I’ll let you know the results.
Till then , Chao!


2 thoughts on “Going Wheatless!

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