Plum Jam

We went apple picking last week. Montrealers usually go apple picking from  September till end of October. The farm we visited this year , Verger Saab offered plum picking as well .  It was the end of the season for plum picking, plums were a little bit too ripe,they were just perfect for plum jam.


Making jam is simple and requires few ingredients, it is kind of messy though. But I feel it is worth the effort when I enjoy it on crunchy buttered toast with a hot cup of tea or coffee for breakfast.

Not all fruit jams need pectin, others do. Sometimes there is not enough pectin in the fruit to gel it after cooking.  I learned this by experience.I will post another fruit jam recipe soon that did not need pectin.

Plum Jam

This recipe makes  3 (250 ml)  Mason jars . I hope you’ll try it and like it.

To make Plum Jam you’ll need:

4 C plums, pitted and chopped
5 C raw sugar
juice of 1 large lemon
1 pkg – 57 gms – Original Pectin
1/2 tsp butter ( I learned this trick from Bernardin cooking guide,it helps reduce foaming)


– In a large pot, stir togehter plums, sugar, lemon juice and butter
– Bring to a boil on meduim heat until sugar dissolves
– Add pectin and stir to combine,simmer for 10 minutes,
– Skim off plum skin and foam.
– Pour jam in hot sterile jars, keep in fridge if used within 10 days otherwise process in a water bath to seal lids.

– Enjoy