About Me


Welcome to my blog; Wasafaty  which means “my recipes” in Arabic.

My name is May , I moved from Egypt more than ten years ago to Montreal ,Canada . I work 2 part time jobs, and as a regular volunteer in my son’s school. I’m a mother of  a lovely eight years old boy and I Love to cook and share my cooking passion with others.

I try to use as simple ingredients as possible , searching for ingredients that I can’t pronounce to prepare a dish really pisses me off. I believe a good cook should be able to make delicious food with whatever available in his/her kitchen pantry.That’s what I am trying to do on my blog.

Wish you will enjoy it. Please let me know your comments ,I love learning and hearing feedback from you.

Thanks for passing by my blog.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love simple cooking too, the simpler the better. I cook for leisure so I certainly don’t want anything that will stress me too. I’m so happy to learn that you are from Canada…wow another Canadian blog to add to my list. Thank you for liking so many of my posts. I really appreciate. I look forward to learning more about Montreal dishes. Wish you a pleasant week coz the weekend is over!

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