Guava Smoothie

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Guava is very popular,inexpensive fruit in Egypt. I always buy guava here in Montreal  from Marché Adonis, usually it is  quite expensive. I was lucky to find it this week on sale for 99 cents/Lb in MAXI. They smelled just like home when I was a little kid. I want to share my mother’s recipe with you today, hope you’ll try it and like it.

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You can find guava in middle eastern and Mexican stores.

To make Guava Smoothie you’ll need:
3 Guavas,de-seeded and quartered
1 sliced banana
1 C whole milk
1 C orange juice
1/4 C plain yoghurt
1 tsp vanilla extract
– Place all ingredients into a blender, purèe until smooth.
– Serve cold. Keep leftovers in fridge.


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