Celebrating “Sham Ennisim”

“Sham Ennisim” (an arabic translation for “smelling the breeze” ) is an Egyptian national holiday. On that day Egyptians celebrate the beginning of spring. It is also Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Easter . Although this is a Christian-related date, all Egyptians celebrate this day regardless of religion. Egyptian families spend the day coloring eggs with kids, eating salted fish,herrings (pickled or smoked),and anchovies accompanied by colorful vegetables like lettuce, green fava beans,radishes and green onions. Sweet breads are served to end the meal with minted black tea. Usually people make picnics on that day to smell the breeze and enjoy their meal outdoors.


Although I was not in Egypt this sham ennisim , I made sure my son color the eggs here in Montreal,I prepared an indoor picnic,took some photos and emailed them to my family in Egypt. so we virtually celebrated the day together.


I was able to come up with a clean bread recipe for this occasion, unfortunately I did not have the time to try a brioche recipe with the new types of flour I am using right now. So we had some minted lemonade at the end of the meal instead.

I would like to share with you how we celebrated this day.Have a look!

Colorful bread tartlets


I made this bread in tarte pans for single servings. they could be just shaped into rolls as well.

1 C water, 2 C einkorn flour,1 C spelt flour ,1 Tbsp active dry yeast. 1 Tbsp olive oil. 3 Tbsp raw sugar 1/4 tsp salt ,more olive oil to handle the dough. Colored eggs (not boiled

Place water,oil,sugar in pan of bread machine. Add flours on top, followed by yeast and salt.Set program to “pasta/dough”.Press “Start” When dough is done. Wet hands with oil and shape into 6 balls. Brush 4 mini tartlet pans with oil. Press balls into tart pans. Press an egg in center of each bread tartlet. Bake for 20 minutes.

Marinatedd Herings with green onions


Drain 1 jar (320 gms) marinated wild herrings,discard marinade. Add diced green onions,diced radish,and chopped mint leaves. Sprinkle with olive oil and lemon juice. No salt is needed.

Anchovy – olives paste


Mix 1 can anchovies,black olives , green onions , juice of 1 lemon and some olive oil into the container of a food processor until smooth. Top with radish.serve on sliced baguette or crackers.


Molasses served with tahini sauce is a must after the meal, mother learned from my grand mother that it will not give you a heart burn after all salted fish you eat. I believe Dr. mum,so I just do it 😮

Minty lemonade:


Add  5 small limes,half a bunch of fresh mint leaves , 4 Tbsp sugar and water all into the container of a blender .Process until smooth.Strain lemonade and serve with ice.Very refreshing .


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